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We Travel for a Reason…to broaden horizons and increase global awareness of thousands of alumni

People to People International Student Travel Programs have been created through collaboration between People to People International who have licensed ECE International, a travel company, to develop and operate travel programs that meet the mission and vision set forth by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. As the appointed licensed travel provider for People to People International, you can be assured that we subscribe to the globally recognized vision of People to People International.

Our organization has a long history of working with People to People International for nearly five decades creating educational, immersive travel programs to expand on Eisenhower's original vision, whilst expanding our global network through the additional connections of ECE International.

People to People International Student Travel Programs have been focused on delivering high quality and unique life-changing experiences to well over 500,000 alumni, and many supporters in cities and towns around the world.

We will get student travelers out there and get them connected with people all over the world.