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Mediterranean Dreams 2018



Total price consists of the base program cost of $6290 plus an optional local domestic return flight between $0 and $900

Spain, Monaco, France, Italy and Vatican City.

Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Cinque Terre, Florence, Rome and Vatican City.

Discover the history, spirit and soul of Spain. Bathe in the sea surrounding the luxurious French Riviera. Indulge in celebrated Italian art and cuisine. Live the very best of Mediterranean Europe, according to the locals as you enjoy your European adventure of a lifetime!

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People to People Unique Moments

Students of Madrid Share the City’s Secrets

Be guided through the historic city of Madrid by local students of a similar age. This unique intercultural activity will enable you to explore like a local including a visit to the world famous Prado Museum as you complete the Prado Quiz! Make friends with your local guides as you shop for mementos. This is international networking like never before!

BBQ with Locals on the French Riviera

Explore French hospitality at its very best as your group is welcomed within a beautiful rural French village as you travel to Monaco, the richest place on earth and home to many celebrities! Feast on a traditional BBQ with an array of local delicacies as you learn French outdoor games with your new French friends!

Authentic Homestay Experience in Spain

Become an honorary Spaniard and live like a local alongside the family of a peer your own age during an exclusive People to People family homestay. This cultural experience just cannot be equalled as you are welcomed into family life and see first-hand a Spanish home, experience typical home cooking and meet likeminded friends through your Spanish host.

Cultural Exchanges / Education and Service

Experience Life on a Spanish Farm

Be part of rural European life courtesy of a variety of fun teambuilding activities on a traditional working farm. Explore the most gorgeous countryside as you learn, and try, new techniques that haven’t changed over the last hundred years. This is your opportunity to get hands-on and make the most amazing cheeses and yogurts that you’ll ever taste!

Meet at the Vatican with a Member of the Swiss Guard

Learn what it takes to be a member of the Swiss Guard, the secret service for the Pope! These highly trained and elaborately dressed elite military personnel play a vital role in the security of the world’s smallest state. Meeting with a genuine member of the Swiss Guard at the Vatican provides a truly unique insight into a secretive, Catholic institution.

A Helping Hand

Give something back to the community as you tackle the unique challenges of a variety of disabled sports alongside blind players and fellow students. Learn how rules and materials have evolved to ensure inclusivity for all.

Fun and Adventure!

Spanish Passions

Immerse yourself in the famous flair of Flamenco during a lesson, traditional dinner and show. This vibrant mixture of dance, song and guitar lies at the heart of Spanish culture. By the end of your evening, your professional dance teacher will have your entire group up and dancing like locals!

Secret Recipes

Try your hand at pizza making with the most amazing local ingredients with the help of local chefs in Florence. In small groups you’ll learn how to make a fantastic yeast dough that stretches to almost paper-thinness, even the trick for a flavorful yet light tomato sauce. With your own personal chef watching on you’ll make your very own pizza, you’ll stretch it, sauce it, bake it, slice it. It will be the best pizza you ever tasted, and you made it yourself!

Extreme Thrills

Step outside your comfort zone on an exhilarating rafting or rope garden adventure. A full day of activities will help you to overcome your fears, build self-esteem allowing your confidence to soar! Choose from indoor and outdoor challenges, adventure learning and teamwork!

  • DAY 1

    The adventure begins…
    Embark on your Mediterranean Dream, crossing the Atlantic on the first leg of your whirlwind European adventure.
  • DAY 2

    Welcome to Madrid. A specially designed orientation showcases the Spanish capital and its world renowned landmarks in all their splendor. Unearth the secrets of the city, treasures of the Royal Palace and history of the people.
  • DAY 3

    Spanish passions
    During a peer led tour, gain a unique insight into Madrid’s iconic Las Ventas Bullring, this really is something to write home about! Immerse yourself in the passion of Flamenco, where you’ll learn the basics of the dance before tucking in to a tasty traditional dinner all with a fiesta atmosphere.
  • DAY 4

    Living the life
    Experience rural European life in Zaragoza at a traditional working farm. During a variety of engaging hands on activities, learn how to create local delicacies including Zaragoza’s celebrated cheeses and yogurts.
  • DAY 5

    A taste of indulgence
    Barcelona! Take part in a fascinating demonstration and discover the secret regional recipe for the classic dish, Paella. Lose yourself in the fantasy-like architecture of Gaudi, including the world famous La Sagrada Familia a fantasy-like blend of architecture and nature. Learn to cook like a pro as you are taught the secret of cooking the ultimate Spanish dish, paella.
  • DAY 6

    Connecting cultures
    Tackle the unique challenges of a variety of disabled sports. While playing alongside each other, you’ll gain an understanding of some of the difficulties faced by blind people during their day to day lives. Enjoy free time as you hunt for mementos of your trip in the heart of Barcelona. Don’t forget to visit the gorgeous Barcelona Beach!
  • DAYS 7-8

    The local way
    During a unique People to People moment, embrace the European way of life alongside your homestay family. As one of the most popular aspects of the program, your time with a local family provides an insight that very few have had the chance to experience.
  • DAY 9

    A journey through time
    Grab your Indiana Jones gear and explore the Tautavel Man Cave, one of the largest prehistoric sites in the world. The 450,000-year-old Tautavel fossil remains of huge importance to modern day scientists studying human evolution.
  • DAY 10

    Behind the scenes of history
    Navigate your way through the narrow streets of Carcassonne, the stunning medieval town, and setting for the movie ‘Robin Hood Prince of Thieves’. You’ll fully understand why this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This afternoon head to the beautiful city of Avignon, where you can marvel at The Palace of Popes, the largest Gothic palace in all of Europe.
  • DAY 11

    Remember the fallen
    Visit the Rhone American Cemetery, the final resting place of 861 soldiers, who were killed during a surprise landing in southern France during 1944. Enjoy some well-earned relaxation on the French Rivera visiting the most gorgeous beaches for sunbathing before an evening at the cinema or bowling. This evening will be your chance to experience a dinner with the addition of a typical French speciality, something ordinary programs never include!
  • DAY 12

    The red carpet treatment
    Walk in the footsteps of the stars of the silver screen. Check out the venues which host the famous Cannes Film Festival before traveling to Nice. Spend the afternoon shopping with locals in the many stylish boutiques of Nice before heading to the hills for a local BBQ full of fun and games.
  • DAY 13

    A life of luxury
    Go celebrity spotting on a detailed orientation of Monaco, famous for its royal family, and world renowned Grand Prix racetrack. Visit the celebrated L’Usine Laboratoire of Fragonard and learn about the science and art behind the production of perfume.Your afternoon will be something to really remember as you take part in a multi-sensory journey. In small groups accompanied by a blind guide, visitors undertake a trip of 45 minutes in total darkness to experience a new way of “seeing” their surroundings, relying exclusively on their senses of touch, hearing, smell and taste.
  • DAY 14

    Cruise the Tuscan coast
    The perfect way to appreciate the beauty of the Tuscan beaches and ancient villages. Set sail along the Cinque Terre coastline from Portovenere to Montesosso. Discover the city of Pisa and be inspired by some of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in the Italian city. Here is your chance to take the photo of the summer as you pose at one of Europe’s most iconic buildings, the Leaning Tower of Pisa – don’t forget to share your photos for your chance to win our photo competition for 2018!
  • DAY 15

    Snap the ultimate selfie!
    Spend the morning exploring Florence like a local. You’ll have the chance to see the Gothic Cathedral and see the striking beauty of the Gates to Paradise. Pay a visit to the Accademia Gallery, which houses Michelangelo’s colossal statue, David. Spend the evening exploring the history, art and cuisine of Florence as you make your own pizza, it’s never tasted so good!
  • DAY 16

    The Monks of Umbria
    This morning you’ll have the unique privilege of meeting with a local monk or a priest who will explain life in the monastery and the history of its famous founder, Saint Francis of Assisi. This afternoon you’ll be stepping outside your comfort zone during an exhilarating rafting or rope garden adventure. Today couldn’t get much better as you spend your evening at an outdoor team BBQ, celebrating your achievements of the day.
  • DAY 17

    When in Rome
    Tour the spectacular Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The ancient landmarks of Rome require no introduction. The wealth of art and history on show at the centre of the old Roman Empire is second to none.
  • DAY 18

    The city within a city
    Visit the world’s smallest country and the center of the Catholic Church as you visit the Vatican, and admire Da Vinci’s frescos inside the Sistine Chapel. Explore the iconic sights of Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain where you should follow tradition and throw a coin into the fountain whilst making a wish.
  • DAY 19

    Bon Voyage
    Bid farewell to the Mediterranean, taking home an eclectic mix of memories that will last a lifetime.

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June 28 to July 16, 2018 – Departs from Atlanta (ATL)

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