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Berlin to the Baltics 2018


Total price consists of the base program cost of $6290 plus an optional local domestic return flight between $0 and $900

Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki.

Unearth a thousand years of history, from the medieval castles of the Baltics to the battle fields of the 20th Century. Uncover the truth of war torn Berlin’s transformation into the modern heart of European politics, industry, and culture. Immerse yourself in ancient traditions, tales of betrayal and stories spurred by the passions of a people perhaps only ever truly united by a shared love for the breath-taking natural beauty of their surroundings.

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People to People Unique Moments

The Genuine European Experience

Experience the real Europe – according to your peers. Meet up with similarly aged students in Warsaw, for a true taste of the realities of life in Poland. Uncover the secrets of the city, and visit the very best of Warsaw, according to the experts! This unique exploration of the Polish Capital, alongside like-minded students, opens up the city in a whole new way.

A Taste of Eastern European Culture

Music, food and traditional means of socialising are all explored in detail during this exclusive People to People moment. Tuck in to classic regional dishes in an authentic environment while listing to the breath-taking sounds of a celebrated local choir. Sit back, relax, and soak it all up as you unearth the similarities and differences between your own and your host’s cultures.

A Traditional German Dinner

Experience a real People to People moment as you enjoy a traditional German dinner as part of your homestay. This really will be a highlight of your program as you’ll be shown local delicacies and even learn how to cook recipes that have been handed down through generations.

Cultural Exchanges / Education and Service

Meaningful Contributions to the Community

Seize the chance to make a real difference during this unique People to People moment as you help non-profit organizations improve children’s lives in the local community. From work on playgrounds, parks and public spaces to planting trees, working in vegetable gardens and even creating sculptures, there’s a chance for everyone to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

An Ancient, Expert Education

Visit the Jagiellonian University, founded in 1364 by Casimir III the Great, and one of the oldest surviving universities in the world. Take part in a fascinating open discussion with local students about their studies, socialising and views on foreign and domestic political policies. Debate with knowledgeable lecturers while expanding your own world view.

Explore Behind the Scenes

Learn about all of processes involved in creating the perfect pasta during a factory visit in Riesa. You’ll learn about what is takes to make a successful business and even be able to take home some samples, the ultimate memento of your travels!

Fun and Adventure!

An Adventure Through Nature

Spend a day enjoying the thrills of Valgeranna, the area’s most popular adventure park. Prepare yourself for excitement, new challenges and the chance to explore the great outdoors! Work together as a team, learning about each other while finding out how well you operate under pressure. Tackle the unique challenges of six adventure trails, each of which tests a range of different skills.

Live the Life of European

Meet up with students your own age, and experience life through their eyes. Gain a unique understanding of the ways your peers spend their free time, socialise, and ultimately enjoy themselves in this part of the world. Get to know your new friends over popular leisure activities, during this specially created, immersive cultural exchange.

Finnish Fun and Games

Have real fun in the center of Helsinki as you and your new friends play traditional games. Have you ever seen how far you can throw a rubber Wellington boot? Now is your chance with Finnish games and competitions galore!

  • DAYS 1-2

    Welcome to Europe
    Those all-important first impressions… Discover Berlin during a specially arranged, expert led orientation of the city. Take in the sights and sounds of the German capital that although today represents a varied, cultural treasure trove, was re-born out of war and political division during the 20th Century.Lose yourself in a wealth of history as you pass famous landmarks including the Victory Column, the Brandenburg Gate and the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche.
  • DAY 3

    East Meets West
    Visit a defining feature of the Cold War, at the infamous crossing point between East and West Germany. Unearth the realities of life for those who lived on both sides of the Berlin Wall with the help of the fascinating displays inside its museum.Tuck into to an authentic taste of Germany, cutesy of a Currywurst. This tasty speciality lightly spiced sausage is an ideal energy source for the afternoon’s activities. Make a real difference during this unique People to People moment as you help non-profit organizations improve children’s lives in the local community.
  • DAY 4

    Evolution of Industry
    Head out into the stunning countryside of Saxony, Germany. Immerse yourself in the magic of the picturesque town of Riesa, before discovering how industry in the region has evolved during an insightful tour of a local noodle factory.Take a stroll through the city of Dresden, a city affected greatly by the actions of WWII, and that has still managed to retain its reputation as a place of beauty. Journey to Prague, which is the next destination on your whirlwind tour of Europe.
  • DAY 5

    Black Magic
    Set out on a specially arranged guided tour of the many historical and cultural delights of Prague, before stopping for lunch, Czech style!Explore the Old Town alongside your tour manager, for an in-depth examination of an array of ancient treasures, architecture, and awesome hidden gems, away from general tourists off the beaten track. For your evening’s entertainment, take in a show at the Black Magic Theater.
  • DAY 6

    Pay Your Respects
    Depart Prague for Krakow, Poland. Pass through stunning scenery before enjoying lunch in Olomouc, home to a collection of striking examples of Baroque architecture.Discover what really happened during one of Europe’s darkest chapters of history. Gain an insight few have the chance to, as you are guided around the infamous Concentration Camp, Auschwitz. Unearth the secrets of a symbol of inhumanity, intolerance, and the terrible consequences of racism.
  • DAY 7

    A Journey Back in Time
    Explore the sights of Krakow, including the breath-taking Wawel Castle and the Jewish Quarter, known as Kazimierz. Discover over 100 cathedrals and 30 museums on a tour culminating in a visit to the setting of the movie ‘Schindler’s List’.Visit the Jagiellonian University, founded in 1364 by Casimir III the Great, and one of the oldest surviving universities in the world. Take part in a fascinating open discussion with local students about their studies, socialising and views on foreign and domestic political policies.
  • DAY 8

    Welcome to Warsaw
    Upon your arrival in Warsaw, explore the city alongside a group of your peers. Students take the lead on this tour, and showcase the best of the Polish capital according to them.Indulge in an array of traditional meals including the popular dish Pierogi. Tucking into these dumplings, usually filled with sauerkraut, mushrooms, meat, potato and savory cheese are truly one of the tour’s highlights!
  • DAY 9

    UNESCO World Heritage
    Embark on a detailed guided tour of Warsaw, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Marvel at a wealth of architectural styles including baroque, gothic and classicism during an immersive journey through the region’s history.Visit the Royal Castle in Warsaw, which was destroyed in WWII and subsequently completely reconstructed in a truly spectacular fashion, before spending the evening in style at a breath-taking classical music concert.
  • DAYS 10-11

    10 -11 Going for Gold
    Depart Poland for the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. Following a journey through rolling countryside and picture perfect landscapes, make yourself at home in this stunning medieval city.Take part in a fascinating workshop at an Amber Studio, which demonstrates the ancient and modern amber processing tools and secrets of amber fishing as well as the chance to make your own treasure! Join a guided tour of the area, including the Gediminas Tower and Upper Castle before taking in magnificent views over the city.
  • DAY 12

    The Hill Of Crosses
    Set out into Siauliai, by climbing its famous hill, and uncover the home of one of Lithuania’s most holy shrines. Since the 14th Century pilgrims have placed crosses of all shapes and sizes on the hill, creating a truly astonishing landmark.Over the generations this monument has grown with the additions of not only crosses and crucifixes, but statues of the Virgin Mary, carvings of Lithuanian patriots, and thousands of tiny effigies and rosaries that have been brought here by Catholic pilgrims. The exact number of crosses is unknown, but current estimates put it at over 100,000!
  • DAY 13

    The Genuine European Experience
    Join a specially created tour, designed to provide a genuine experience of Riga, the capital of Latvia. Take advantage of a local, knowable guide as you soak up the history, art, and culture of the region.Pass by the Latvian National theatre, the Freedom Monument, and the Powder Tower before visiting the largest medieval church in the Baltics. Explore the city center before heading to one of the most famous buildings in Riga, its ancient castle.
  • DAY 14

    Adventure Through the Great Outdoors
    Spend a day enjoying the thrills of Valgeranna, the area’s most popular adventure park. Prepare yourself for excitement, new challenges, and the chance to explore the great outdoors!Tackle the heights of the climbing trees, while working together with your team, learning more about each other and finding out how well you work under pressure. While climbing, gaze out over the truly beautiful views of the sea and soak up the scene. There are a total of six adventure trails to try, each of which provides its own unique challenges and rewards. Tuck into a picnic surrounded by nature.
  • DAY 15

    To Tallinn!
    Take part in a tour with a difference around Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Snap your way around the many landmarks of the Old Town including Town Hall Square, Toompea Castle, and St. Olaf’s Church. Complete a team photo task at each famous attraction during a completion across the entire city!While unearthing the 1,000 year history of medieval Tallinn, hear ghost stories and legends from locals. Head to the top of the city’s observation platform for the very best views of the Old Town before spending some quality time at the beach. Join a local youth choir, during an exclusive People to People moment, for a traditional Estonian dinner.
  • DAY 16

    Make Your Own Scientific Discovery
    Visit Heureka, the Finnish science center designed by Heikkinen–Komonen Architects, located in Vantaa just north of Helsinki. The aim of the science center, which first opened its doors to the public in 1989, is to popularize scientific information and to develop the methods used to teach science and scientific concepts.The Science Center Heureka (that’s Finnish for Eureka) features both indoor and outdoor interactive exhibitions with exhibits that enable you to independently test different concepts and ideas.
  • DAY 17

    Hello Helsiki
    Today you will head out into the Finnish capital and uncover its history, art, and wealth of fascinating secrets. Dating back to the Stone Age, it’s no surprise to find an unequalled collection of impressive landmarks and attractions. Roam the beautiful Helsinki Parks as you and your new friends play traditional games and enjoy competitions galore!Celebrate the end of an immersive cultural tour in the amusement park of Linnanmäki alongside your new friends before tucking into a farewell dinner and bidding goodbye to Europe.
  • DAY 18

    Bon Voyage!
    Depart for home from your voyage of self-discovery with a wealth of memories and friendships that will last a life-time.

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June 26 to July 13, 2018 – Departs from New York (JFK)

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