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Haleigh Barnhardt


North Carolina

Private: Celtic Cultures 2018

Haleigh B. – Out of My Comfort Zone

My experience with People to People International Student Travel was unforgettable to say the least. In 2015, I was granted the opportunity to represent my country through traveling abroad to countries including Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, & the Republic of Ireland.

Although this was a huge leap out of my comfort zone, I knew that the trip would be a great experience, as I had always wanted to be a well-traveled individual. I definitely got firsthand experience of different cultures, which was probably the most valuable thing I took away from the journey. Staying with a host family, traveling with other students, and meeting new people while in the UK allowed me to establish a global connection with individuals and their home countries.

My favorite day of travel was definitely getting to visit Buckingham palace. Little did we know, the day we visited the palace happened to be the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, so we got to see the Royal Family…talk about something I will never forget! I truly believe that People to People International is a step towards recognizing global peace, and I am more than grateful to have had the opportunity to travel with such phenomenal people.

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