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How to become a Teacher-Leader with People to People International Student Travel

We are excited that you are interested in leading students in travel while continuing President Eisenhower's vision, Peace through Understanding. We offer excellent opportunities for teachers who want to bring global experience into their classrooms and careers.

With our programs, leaders are vital links in the outreach process. We seek to build local connections with families; a leader must understand that we expect their help in doing so.

As a leader with PTPI Student Travel you have two options for involvement; Teacher- Led Travel and Program-Assigned Travel. Both options allow teachers the opportunity to travel for free while shaping young minds.

What is Teacher-Led Travel?
This is an opportunity for the teacher to plan the travel experience more on their own needs and that of their students. This travel experience allows teachers to form their own group of students by recruiting students themselves. Some of the pre-travel preparations and communications with families will be guided by PTPI Student Travel to ensure that all safety and educational practices are followed by all. With Teacher Led Travel, all teachers who recruit a minimum of 6 paid participants will travel for free.

What is Program-Assigned Travel?
This too is a great opportunity for teachers to travel however the students who travel will be assigned to each teacher by PTPI Student Travel and the pre-travel preparations will be guided to specific guidelines set by PTPI Student Travel. This is a great way to travel if you are not comfortable with recruiting your own travelers. This form of travel is never guaranteed and is based upon the total number of travelers enrolled from your local area.

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