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Sue A.



Private: Spanish Language and Culture Immersion

Meet Delegation Leader: Sue

Meet Sue, a People to People Delegation Leader. Sue is a Spanish Teacher in Wisconsin, Student Council Advisor and is on the National Honor Society Board. She studied at Marquette University and at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain.

“Travel is my passion, so discovering People to People as a young teacher was life changing!I believe that student travel is an investment not only in education and enrichment, but in personal growth. Through the years, I have led PTP groups to 5 continents and to over 40 countries, and each one has been a thrill. All three of my own children have been People to People Student Delegates; I believe their experiences helped them get into the universities, grad schools, and medical schools that have made them the successes that they are now. 

Learn more about traveling with Sue during summer 2020 – give us a call at 844-359-2020.

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