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Global travel expands the mind and widens perspective. Discovering different cultures through first-hand experience is the most rewarding way of learning more about the world around us. People to People International take this concept further by fully immersing travelers in local cultures where they are free to explore a wealth of opportunities unavailable to an ordinary tourist.

Program Highlights:

  • Diving at the Great Barrier Reef
  • Behind the scenes access at the Sydney Opera House
  • Exploring a natural rainforest
  • Living alongside a Maori tribe
  • Indulging in world renowned Parisian cuisine
  • Visiting famous European museums including the Louvre
  • White water rafting in the Scottish Highlands
  • Meeting an MP at the Houses of Parliament
  • Fascinating tales from professional Irish story tellers
  • Sport and drama workshops
  • Working side by side with local communities


People to People International takes great pride in providing industry leading safety for all participants. Pre-travel preparation ensures safe travel practices are adhered to at all times while experienced educational leaders together with locally based Delegation Managers provide face to face support throughout the entire program. All activities have been extensively vetted by our health and safety team while highly trained specialists and a skilled emergency response team are available twenty-four hours a day.

Benefits for Participants:

  • Develops Confidence
    Delegates make meaningful connections with people from a broad spectrum of society.
  • Provides Valuable Life Skills
    Delegates receive expert lessons and have the opportunity to use their new found skills in an authentic environment.
  • Builds World Awareness
    Delegates live like a local while fully immersed in a variety of foreign cultures.
  • Advantage for College & Career Progression
    A fantastic addition to any resume and an incredible source of real world experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 60 years of experience around the world, People to People travel programs have introduced over 500,000 travelers to unique global experiences. Here are some frequently asked questions from parents:

What sets People to People apart?
As the premier global travel experience for young people, there are many reasons for this. Here is a useful page that will help explain our philosophy.

What are the age groups?
Grade levels are divided as follows (Middle School = grades 5-7; High School = grades 8-12). Students in grade 8 can travel with either age group. We define the student's grade as the actual grade of the student in the year of travel. Certain programs are earmarked for middle school only, however not every program is suited for this grade level.

How do I choose an itinerary?
There are three most important factors: your desired itinerary, your desired departure date, and your child's grade level. It's best to check itineraries closely---there is a wide variation of activities and program costs. It is vital that families make decisions early to enroll, as this year, a number of our programs were waitlisted. If you want to know what's most local to you, fill out this form on the web and we'll give you the details.

What is the group size?
40 students and 4 travel leaders. They will be met by our Overseas Travel Manager and Motor Coach Driver. The normal student to adult ratio can be as low as 7:1.

Where will my child stay?
In hotels, or carefully selected accommodations designed to match the local culture. Example: in South Africa, we would stay in a unique wildlife lodge on the edge of Kruger National Park. We will also plan short homestays (1-2 days in length) working with local families who have been chosen by local coordinators, this is a big part of the People to People cultural experience.

When do you travel?
2018 departure dates run between June and July to facilitate all states. Our number of groups is limited, due to the special nature of our activities.

Can parents travel with the programs?
Yes, they can, at the same general cost as students, as long as there is space on a group. Parents (or immediate relatives) can travel as observers and participants, but not as leaders. We generally prefer this only for middle school levels. Some additional fees may apply for single-room supplements. Traveling adults must pass a background check and be physically capable of doing all activities. The program exists for students, and is not a tourist trip for adults.

How do you prepare my student for travel?
We will have two social events, and three pre-travel meetings prior to travel. For students living far from the main group of students, our leaders will engage you with social media, Facetime, Skype or other ways to connect. It's very common on our programs.

What are the deadlines?
As our capacity is very limited, please don't wait to apply. Over the last few years we have had heart-broken families who waited too long to enroll, and found no positions were available.

2018 Deposits and Discounts:
To enroll simply get online and select your preferred itinerary and date of travel. A deposit will be required as per the schedule below:-

Until 29th Jan 2018 we require a 7% deposit at time of booking followed by 3 equal payments at approximately equal intervals between date of booking and May 2018.

From the 29th Jan 2018 this changes to a 20% deposit followed by 2 equal payments at approximately equal intervals between date of booking and May 2018.

From 26th Feb 2018 this changes to a 50% deposit followed by one final 50% payment by May 2018.

From April 9th 2018 no payment plans are offered and the full fee is due at time of booking.

Don’t worry though, we will automatically send you a payment reminder invoice when your next payment is due.

About Air Travel---How will I join my group?
You will be either part of a local group, or join a national group, with students from across the country. On our website, each itinerary will have a departure date, and an international gateway city listed. Families enrolling from across the country will have a modest additional airfare to get from, say, Kansas City to New York ---to link up with the group. If we have a locally-formed travel group, then we would fly everyone as a team (with their assigned teacher) to the international gateway city.

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