A Proud History

You are joining a proud tradition, reaching back for six decades. The People to People Program was officially launched by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. After witnessing the horrors of the Holocaust, President Eisenhower recognized the surest way to break cycles of fear and misunderstanding was for people to understand one another. He knew that for this to be effective, it must come not through governments but through the hearts of people yearning for dignity, freedom, and peace.

Through the Years


President Eisenhower’s vision defines the People to People International mission


People to People International was incorporated in Missouri and its operations moved there in October 1961 as a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization


People to People International travels its first student group to Europe, briefed by Robert Kennedy


Students visit China


Students travel to Russia and meet Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev


Students witness the fall of the Berlin Wall


People to People International becomes the first student travel organization to go to all seven continents


People to People International students host Chinese students during Presidential Inauguration

Our History Continues

Stories Abroad

Katherine H.

Alumni , New Jersey

When I was in middle school, I developed a strong sense of wanderlust. I saw pictures and heard about African safaris, sightseeing in Europe, and beautiful coral reefs in the South Pacific. I couldn’t help but be extremely curious of...
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Tyler S.

Student Traveler , Connecticut

My People to People International Travel Program was an eye opening experience, filled with new cultures, beliefs, foods, cities and so much more.  My group became my family as we traveled to different parts of the world together; exploring and...
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Stephanie K.

Alumni, California

It has been six years this month since I attended my People to People International Travel Program. I did the European Odyssey trip with a local Northern California delegation. I was nervous, I was traveling with all these people I...
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Join our Program

You have two ways to travel with People to People International Student Travel Programs: National Delegations and Local Delegation.

National Delegations are for individual students from all over the United States, and are chaperoned by educators carefully selected by PTPI. Joining a National Delegation is not only a great way to explore new parts of the world, but also to meet students from all over the the country.

Local Delegations are for students from the same geographic location and are chaperoned by educators from that same area. The programs have been selected by local educators, so every program may not be offered in your area. If you don’t find a Local Delegation that fits your interest, you can always join a National Delegation.

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