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Messages about Traveler Safety

A message from Mike Clark (Co-Founder of People to People International Student Travel Programs)

As a parent, one is always concerned at where one’s children are traveling to – whatever age they may be.

It is a sad reflection of society today that not a day goes by without an “incident” hitting the news – be that San Bernadino, Miami, Boston, New York, Paris, Brussels, Manchester or London.

As a parent with a child traveling with us you rightly want to know more about our safety procedures and the organization you entrust your child to.

ECE and ECE International Group have been working with People to People International both directly and indirectly for over 30 years. During that time we have traveled many thousands of students to all corners of the world. In that time we have faced problems periodically and have built a safety plan from the experience gained directly and also indirectly through the appointment of specialist safety advisors. Safety is and always will be our Number One priority and this is something that we will not compromise on. 

We are proud members of STF – The School Travel Forum in the UK which sets the standards for education outside the classroom auditing our suppliers and risk assessing the activities that your child will experience whilst traveling with us. We have taken this safety benchmark and are now looking to emulate these standards with all of our worldwide partners across the globe.

As a 28 year plus travel veteran, I have worked with organizations and trade associations internationally aiming to spread best safety practice and have also seen the consequences of IRA and 7/7 bombings in my great capital city. Our team has refined our safety policies as a result of these events and trained our great team in how they should react in such circumstances – indeed our Operations and Safety Training Course for Delegation Managers (who will chaperone each travel program from start to finish) was impacted by the events in London Bridge at the weekend. We have contingency plans that if after reviewing the advice of government agencies in the USA, Europe and internationally we can divert our travelers and staff on our programs to safer places at a moment’s notice.

I’m a proud Londoner surrounded by a team of people here in London and Vienna who are committed to providing you and your family with the safest travel program that we can. London is open and it is business as usual despite the tragic events of recent days. We will not be cowered by terrorists but neither will we be cavalier in protecting the interests of our student travelers.

I very much look forward to welcoming your family to all of our global destinations this summer and trust that the above will give you some more information about us and our procedures giving you confidence in our travel programs.

Yours faithfully
Mike Clark
Co – Founder and Chairman

A message from Mary Eisenhower (President of People to People)

Dear Global Family,

I would like to send along our sincere wishes to all who have been affected by any one of these senseless incidents.  I would also like to endorse what Mr. Clark is conveying in his correspondence to you.

I, like Mike, am also a veteran traveller, beginning with living abroad as a teenager.  I have travelled six continents and stayed in everything from tents to five star hotels.  In addition, I have experienced various incidents in some of the places I have been (now upward of 75 countries).  What I would like to stress to you is the importance of staying the course in our mission of peace through understanding.

 As our founder, General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower said in a speech given in April of 1953,

No people on earth can be held as a people to be an enemy, for all humanity shares the common hunger for peace and fellowship and justice.”

Please don’t deprive yourself of the joy of what we do when it is such a small minority standing in the way of harmony and understanding.  We are in this together and for them to keep us apart yields to their dark victory.

I am sincerely looking forward to continuing our “Road to Peace” together.  We will achieve peace, one meeting, one handshake, one hug at a time.  And while our mission seems distant at times, it is there now and always, stronger than ever.

Best wishes from your partner in peace,
Mary Jean Eisenhower
President and CEO
People to People International

Peace like hostility is a learned behaviour, teach peace.