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Private: Voyage To The South Pacific 2018

Maria A. – Explore Fiji

This past summer was the second People to People International Travel Program that I have gone on and I loved it! One thing I loved most is that we really get to know the culture! We were in these little villages and went to schools with these people. The people called us family. They live complete opposite lives of us and yet we find ways to connect and relate to each other.

I think one thing that changed my life during the trip was the school visit in Fiji!I love to travel so I am up for all new adventures but the school visit was very scary for me. It ended up being the best day of my life hands down! The people at this school were so kind and fun! At one point they all just grabbed us and we danced for so long! I had a tour guide as well. It was so unlike our schools here. Teens in America just don’t act as pure and happy as these teens who I spoke with! I mean sure they had the drama and fun we did but it just felt different and better there!

Their school was decorated just for us. They sang us songs. It seemed as if they prepared for us for years! I never ever wanted to leave!!! I would go back in a second!!! That trip truly changed how I see my life and self! I met beautiful happy people who I will remember forever!!


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