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Private: European Odyssey 2018

Jaden E. – Mediterranean Traditions

My delegation took a trip called Mediterranean Traditions. This itinerary took us all the way up along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. This trip, in the best way possible, changed my life because I was introduced to all new things.  The people, the food, the locations, the languages, the cultures…, the immersion was just incredible.

Students along the Mediterranean

We got to do all sorts of incredible activities, including a service learning project with the disabled in Assisi, Italy. We also lived with a homestay family in Spain. These are all opportunities that I would not have gotten if I didn’t travel with People to People International Travel Programs.

These activities taught me self confidence, how to push my boundaries, teamwork, and how to interact with people I don’t know. These are skills that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else the way I learned them with P2P. This trip was incredible for me and it will be incredible for people who continue to take this trip and other trips offered by P2P. Frankly, I can’t wait to go on another program.

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