Venice (European Odyssey)

European Odyssey: France, Italy and Greece

Program Highlights:
- Join local students for a peer-led tour of Paris.
- Live like an Italian during a homestay in Jeselo.
- Participate in local, outdoor team-building activities in Umbria.
- Meet with a former member of the Swiss Guard in Vatican City.
- Give back during a service project in Aegina.

Community Service:
- Students will receive a certificate for 10 hours of community service.

Travel with confidence. Learn more about obtaining high-school and college credits, how to plan for your trip, getting service hours and even being considered for a congressional award. Our leadership sets us apart from other student travel programs. Plus, we have a hassle-free refund policy.

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20 days


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SKU: PTPEOR22 Categories: , , Featured Image:   18819 Duration:   20 Seats Available:   Pay-in-Full to Save $500 Subtitle (Continent / Destination Category):   europe City, Countries Visited:   , , , , , , , , Description:   <b>Program Highlights:</b><br> - Join local students for a peer-led tour of Paris.<br> - Live like an Italian during a homestay in Jeselo.<br> - Participate in local, outdoor team-building activities in Umbria.<br> - Meet with a former member of the Swiss Guard in Vatican City.<br> - Give back during a service project in Aegina.<br> <br> <b>Community Service:</b><br> - Students will receive a certificate for 10 hours of community service. <br><br> <p>Travel with confidence. Learn more about obtaining high-school and college credits, how to plan for your trip, getting service hours and even being considered for a congressional award. Our leadership sets us apart from other student travel programs. Plus, we have a hassle-free refund policy. </p> <a href="/contact/" class="newButton">Learn More About This Trip</a> Teaser:   <b>Available Travel Dates: </b><br> June 23-July 12, 2022 | July 8-27, 2022<br> Call 844-359-2020 for private group options<br> <b>Recommended Grades:</b> <br> 6-12<br> <b>Overnights:</b><br> Paris 2 | Overnight Train | Venice 1 | Italian Homestay 3 | Florence 2 | Umbria 1 | Rome 2 | Naples 1 | Overnight Ferry 1 | Olympia 1 | Athens 3<br> Itinerary Days:   , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Sort Order:   0 Audience:   students Year:   2022 Content:   , Content:   Should this program appear on the Program Landing page?:   1 Name:  

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New York, USA

Departure Day

Day 1

Meet your delegation and let the excitement build as you board your overnight flight to Paris, France.

paris france
Paris, France

Bonjour Paris

Day 2

Touch down this morning in Paris, a city of unbeatable food, art, music, and history. Visit the picturesque hillside neighborhood of Montmartre. The area is famous for its local artists, and you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to meet with one of them, getting a firsthand glimpse into the celebrated world of Parisian art. After dinner later, head to the iconic Eiffel Tower, where the spectacular light show will bring a memorable end to your first day in Europe.

Paris, France

The Louvre

Day 3

Today get a tour of the city from Parisian students. They’ll show you some of the best off-the-beaten-path spots in their hometown along with the big must-see sights. Afterwards, visit the world-famous—and incredibly large—Louvre Museum, taking plenty of time to soak it all in. The museum was once a palace, and today it’s filled with a huge collection of priceless works of art, including the one and only Mona Lisa.

Overnight Train


Day 4

Visit the one-of-a-kind Palace of Versailles, a magnificent retreat where French royalty basked in their extravagant lifestyle in the decades leading up to the French Revolution. Learn the riveting history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, as you walk through the royal apartments, see the famous Hall of Mirrors, and explore the expansive gardens outside. Return to Paris and spend some time shopping along the famous, Champs Elysees. Tonight, board an overnight train bound for Italy.

Venice, Italy

Canals of Venice

Day 5

Your journey continues in Venice, once a strong naval power and one of the most important cities on the world stage. On a guided tour, learn what made Venice so significant and see all the key sights of this famous city. After taking some time to shop and enjoy a local cafe, you’ll embark on the classic Venice experience: a gondola ride on the legendary canals.

Jesolo, Italy

Italian Homestay

Day 6-8

Soak up the sun on the beaches of Jesolo on the Adriatic Sea. Then, meet your homestay family, where you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditional Italian way of life. Your homestay family is carefully selected, based on matching you with peers your own age and with activities designed to provide you with the most authentic experience possible. Eat regional foods, meet local students, and see the real Italy during this unique People to People experience.

Florence, Italy


Day 9

Today visit the town of Pisa, and see the famously unusual Leaning Tower. Find out why it leans, snap some photos, and then head to the American Cemetery in Florence to pay respect to the fallen American soldiers. Tonight you’ll join a pizza-making class, where you’ll learn the secret to cooking up this Tuscan culinary favorite—you’ll eat your pizza creation and walk away with an important lifelong skill.

Florence, Italy

Florence Renaissance

Day 10

Visit the Accademia Gallery, which houses Michelangelo’s statue David and a wealth of Renaissance art. Take a walk through the city of Florence, passing the Duomo and the bronze doors to the Baptistery, fittingly known as the Gate to Paradise.

Umbria, Italy

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Day 11

Travel on to scenic Umbria, and take part in fun outdoor challenges, adventure-learning, and team-building activities. Whether it’s a thrilling white water rafting ride, or a ropes course that combines trekking, climbing, and jumping techniques for all ability levels, today is all about being active, feeling accomplished, and bonding with the others in your group.

Rome, Italy

Meet the Swiss Guards

Day 12

Continue today to Rome, and on into Vatican City, the center of the Catholic Church and the world’s smallest country. On your tour led by a professional guide, visit the Vatican Museums, see the spectacular frescos of the Sistine Chapel, and walk through St. Peter’s Basilica. You’ll even meet with a member of the Swiss Guard, hearing his tales of guarding the Pope, getting more behind-the-scenes insight into the Pope’s home, and learning what it takes to join one of the oldest military units in the world.

Rome, Italy

When In Rome

Day 13

Today you’ll discover Rome, as you travel back to one of the most significant chapters in the history of human civilization. See the iconic sights, like the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain. On your tour of the ancient Colosseum and Roman Forum—both UNESCO World Heritage Sites—feel the ancient buzz of daily life that unfolded here for gladiators, spectators, merchants, politicians, and more. And of course your day in Rome wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the local favorite treat: gelato.

Naples, Italy

Mount Vesuvius

Day 14

Your journey through Italy continues south, where you’ll hike Mount Vesuvius, one of Europe’s few active volcanoes. A professional guide will teach you all about the history of the famous volcano, notorious for its eruption in 79 A.D., which led to the burying of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Later you’ll arrive in seaside Naples, and enjoy a guided walk through the third-largest city in Italy.

Naples, Italy


Day 15

Almost two thousand years ago, volcanic ash and stone from erupting Mount Vesuvius buried Pompeii, freezing it in time and allowing you today to walk through the amazingly intact streets, shops and homes of an Ancient Roman city. After your visit to Pompeii, travel through rolling countryside towards Bari, and board an overnight ferry bound for Greece. The ferry has restaurants and entertainment, making for a memorable overnight sail across the Ionian Sea.

Isthmia, Greece

Ancient Greece

Day 16

Arrive this morning in Greece, often referred to as the cradle of Western Civilization. It’s hard to overstate the impact Ancient Greece has had on our own modern world, from art to architecture, science to politics, theater to philosophy. Today you’ll take a guided tour of Olympia, birthplace of the Olympics, and see the impressive Temple of Zeus.

Athens, Greece

A Greek Tragedy

Day 17

En route to Athens, stop for a guided tour of the grand theater of Epidaurus. To this day, the traditions of Ancient Greek drama form the basis of our own storytelling culture, and Epidaurus is considered by many the most perfect Ancient Greek theater. Take part in an interactive drama class. Later tonight, get back into the Greek drama mindset at a live theater performance.

Athens, Greece

Ancient Athens

Day 18

Spend the day exploring and soaking in the significance of Athens, the one-time center of the world that thrives today as a modern, vibrant capital. Hike up the famous Acropolis, the 500-foot hill that’s home to ancient remains, including the iconic Parthenon temple. Later, enjoy some shopping time in the city’s exciting Plaka district.

Athens, Greece

Give Back

Day 19

Board the ferry to Aegina, a beautiful Greek island just off the coast of Athens. Make meaningful contributions to the community during a service project renovating parks, playgrounds, and even the local monastery. Take a well-earned rest on glistening white beaches. Sit back, relax and soak up the sun while reflecting on your time discovering the origins of Europe.

Athens, Greece

Departure Day

Day 20

As your European Odyssey ends, head to the airport in Athens to board your flight home.

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