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The Dynasties of China Leadership Team

Our leaders help bring to life President Eisenhower’s vision of creating a better world through direct exchange among people of different countries and cultures.

We are proud to introduce you to the Leadership Team for Dynasties of China from July 9-July 25, 2019.

PTP Leadership Team

Meet The Leaders

Student Travel Leader

Danny M.

Danny is from Danbury, CT and has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education and Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Connecticut. He also attended the University of Bridgeport and received his 6th year degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. Danny is currently the Social Studies Department Head at Ridgefield High School in CT. This year he is teaching Global History and Government and Politics. Outside of the classroom, Danny works on the candidates assembly with students, where they have a sitting congressmen and others running for office discuss student generated questions before the senior class. He has been an advisor of various clubs, co-advisor to two graduating classes, a member of the school data team and a data team leader. Outside of school, Danny was a director at Camp Greenknoll at the Brookfield YMCA for nine years, where he had the pleasure of helping lead and organize 300 campers, from preschool-age to fifteen years old, and 200 staff members. For the past eight years, Danny has been leading student travel delegations with People to People. Danny loves to travel and has traveled throughout the U.S., to thirteen European countries, Puerto Rico, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Haiti. He also enjoys hiking through nature, spending time with family and friends, and most importantly helping others. He is a leader of a scholarship committee and is involved in various activities to benefit and support Haiti, which has been an interest of his since traveling there in college.

“I look forward to seeing and experiencing one of the oldest cultures in the world. To be able to visit places which I have taught, such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and Terracotta Soldiers will be so enriching. It will also be great to experience the breathtaking views of Guilin as the topography as been awe inspiring for generations and has greatly inspired Chinese artwork and literature. Finally, and most importantly, I look forward to sharing this great experience with our students, as you truly gain great perspective when traveling with young people.”

People to People Student Travel Leader

Terrlyn C.

Terrlyn is from Norwich, CT and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Howard University, Master of Arts in Psychology from American University, Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology from Hofstra University and Master of Divinity from Yale University. Terrlyn is currently a visiting professor at Connecticut College. She teaches policy and human development courses, all of which are related to children and family issues. She has years of experience working with adolescents as a licensed psychologist in school systems, psychiatric hospitals, adjudicated systems, and in private practice. Terrlyn has worked with youth who come from diverse racial, socioeconomic backgrounds, and educational levels. She connects very easily with young people and is a good listener and advocate for them. Her goal is to teach her students to experience and understand the perspective of others, not only to broaden their thinking but also to teach them how to advocate for others. She believes that we all have a shared humanity and grow more when we can appreciate the special gifts that each person “brings to the table.” She loves to travel, and has been to Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, and, most recently, India. She is very interested in learning about other cultures, particularly their spiritual practices.

“I am excited to meet our student travelers and explore the customs of China and visit landmarks and cities that I’ve heard so much about. I want to hear the history of China as viewed from their eyes rather than what I hear on the news and see depicted in the media. I would like to know more about their temples and see how religion is lived out.”

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