The Berlin to the Baltics Leadership Team

Our leaders help bring to life President Eisenhower’s vision of creating a better world through direct exchange among people of different countries and cultures.

We are proud to introduce you to the Leadership Team for Berlin to the Baltics from July 8-25, 2019.

PTP Leadership Team

Meet The Leaders

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Suzanne J.

Suzanne is from Newton, NJ. She received her Bachelor’s in American Literature and Russian Language and Literature from George Washington University. She continued studying the Russian language at Lenin Pedagogical Institute in Moscow working towards a master’s degree. She also earned a Master in the Art of Teaching from MaryGrove College. She is currently a Russian teacher in Sparta, NJ. Suzanne has traveled to Russia nine times with her students and has been to thirty-three countries.  Her passion for traveling along with her love of working with students led her to People to People. Suzanne loves trying new foods, gardening, skiing, running, surfing and hiking.

“I am most looking forward to introducing young, enthusiastic, interested students to the various cultures and traditions of countries not commonly visited such as those of the Baltic States. I am excited for the delegates to make lifelong friendships as they share this adventure together.”

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Ellen C.

Ellen is from Milford, Connecticut. She studied at Southern Connecticut State University and has been working for the Milford Public School System for over thirty years. She currently works with students with special needs, with a focus in mathematics and language arts. She is also the school advisor for West Shore Middle School’s community service club. When she’s not busy with school, she teaches drawing and painting classes through her city’s recreation department. She has been a leader with People to People for over twenty-five years. She has led groups all over the world, including China, Australia, Japan, Greece, Spain, Italy, England, and Switzerland. Beyond her love of travel, Ellen loves to have new experiences, meet new people, and appreciate and create art. This year, she is most looking to visiting the city of Prague.

“Students and families should know that I am passionate about traveling with students and I can’t wait to meet all of our student delegates.  We will have a once in a lifetime experience!”

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