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Our Travel Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our travel mission is to connect our student travelers to new cultures and friendships, by introducing them to life-changing, worldwide experiences that expand their minds.

We Travel for a Reason

We Travel for a Reason…to broaden horizons and increase global awareness of thousands of alumni. We will get student travelers out there and get them connected with people all over the world.

History & Achievements

You are joining a proud tradition, reaching back for nearly five decades. The movement was created by President Eisenhower in 1956, and People to People International was founded in 1961.

Student Promise

We will get you out there and get you connected. It's all there for the taking. In short, you will look at the world in a new way. Our leaders will get you ready.

Registered Seller of Travel

Your People to People International Student Travel Program is brought to you by ECE International LLC in cooperation with the travel operations team of, Inc., an international, multi-million dollar travel agency in the US with over 15 years of experience in youth and college student travel management.