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Go Beyond Typical

For over 60 years, People to People International Student Travel Programs has been a trusted provider of immersive, educational travel programs for thousands of American students.

Go beyond the usual sightseeing tours to experience unique, immersive moments that truly connect you to the people, places and cities you visit.



"I truly believe that participating in a People to People International Student Travel Program is a step towards recognizing global peace, and I am more than grateful to have had the opportunity to travel with such phenomenal people."

Haleigh B.

Alumni Student Traveler, North Carolina

Student Testimonials

Stories Abroad

Ellie R.

Student Traveler, New Jersey

I went on the European Odyssey program. Going into my trip I didn’t know any of the 40 other students going, but I left the trip with best friends for life. We got to experience the cultures of the places...
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Tyler S.

Student Traveler , Connecticut

My People to People International Travel Program was an eye opening experience, filled with new cultures, beliefs, foods, cities and so much more.  My group became my family as we traveled to different parts of the world together; exploring and...
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Merrick B.

Student Traveler , Massachusetts

My People to People travel experiences have changed my life in ways I could never imagine. After a type one diabetes diagnosis at the age of 14, I never could picture myself half way across the world without my family,...
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Join a Student Travel Delegation

Students have two ways to travel on a People to People International Student Travel Program:

National Delegations are for students coming from all over the United States, chaperoned by educators carefully selected by People to People. Joining a National Delegation is a great way to meet students from all over the country.

Local Delegations are for students from the same geographic area, chaperoned by educators from that area too. The educators select the programs for their local delegation, so every program may not be offered in your area.

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