People to People Interview Prep Center

General tips for interviews

Throughout your life, you will most likely be involved in many interviews, whether it’s for school, a job, or something else. Your People to People Ambassador program is a good place to try out your interview skills and get comfortable with the process. There are a few things that can help you be successful during any interview.

Use a loud, clear voice and make eye contact—Speaking clearly will show your interviewer that you are confident in yourself and your answers.

Follow the instructions—Some interviewers will ask you to complete forms or bring examples of projects you’ve done to the interview. Clean, uncrumpled papers with neat handwriting or typing will make the best impression. For your Student Ambassador interview, you’ll need to supply an interview questionnaire, and three recommendation forms*: two from recent teachers, and one from another adult.

Do some research—Knowing a little about the organization or school that you are interviewing with can be helpful because you will know more about their goals and the kinds of questions they might ask you.

Practice—Think about potential questions beforehand and practice answering those questions. (Our list of sample questions can help you prepare answers you might give during your Student Ambassador interview.) Try standing in front of a mirror when you do this so you can practice making eye contact as well.

Give some details—When you’re being interviewed, it’s because someone wants to learn more about you. Instead of just answering “yes” or “no,” tell a little bit more—like how you felt on that first camping trip or what you learned in your favorite class. 

Stay calm—It’s easy to get nervous during an interview, but it’s important to try and stay relaxed. Remember that the person interviewing you really wants to know about you, and the more relaxed you are, the easier it is to see the real you.

*Returning Student Ambassadors need to provide only a recommendation form from their previous delegation leader.