NAME:“I have a dream…” Inland Northwest
Future Global Leaders video contest

PRIZE: (2) $7,000 Student Ambassador Tuition Credits

DEADLINE: 11:59 pm (PST) February 14, 2014

For more than 50 years, People to People Ambassador Programs has helped students in fifth grade through college discover the world while they discover their own capabilities, preparing them for academic and personal success and life as a global citizen. Do you dream of being a global citizen and seeing the world? Tell us about it and you just might be one of the two lucky students who will win a life-changing journey from the leader in educational student travel.

In 60 seconds or less, tell us why you want to be a global citizen and experience an international cultural exchange as a People to People Student Ambassador. When making your video make sure to:

  1. Start the video with "I have a dream…"
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Be clear about what being a global citizen means to you
  4. Tell us how seeing the world will change your life and how you are going
    to change your community after traveling
  5. Keep your video 60 seconds or less

Please see the rules for more details.

This contest is now closed.

Congratulations to our winners!

Logan Stinebaugh – (Nine Mile Falls, WA)

Ayesha Bergman – (Spokane, WA)

Prize winners will be chosen on or about February 24, 2014, and notified by email, mail, phone, or locally at their school in February 2014.

2013 National Teacher of the Year

Jeff has been a chemistry, physics, and engineering teacher at Zillah High School in Zillah, Washington, for 13 years. Jeff holds a master’s of education and is a member of the William O. Douglas Honors College at Central Washington University. He is a National Board Certified teacher, recipient of numerous awards and grants, and founder and director of the ZHS Robot Challenge.

General Manager of KSPS Public Television

Gary joined KSPS after serving as the Vice President of Development at Alabama Public Television (APT). There he led a team that raised funds to support the nationally recognized education mission of APT and personally raised nearly a million dollars for that mission. His role at KSPS is the culmination of a 27-year broadcast career that has included stops in cities from Norfolk, Virginia, to Houston, Texas and now Spokane.

Vice President of Human Resources for People to People Ambassador Programs

Bryan is passionate about the dual mission of People to People Ambassador Programs—education and travel. Bryan has served as a Washington State FFA officer and an instructor at Washington State University and The University of Texas at Austin. He has worked as a human resources executive and consultant for several high-tech companies in Portland, Oregon, where he traveled abroad, conducting business across the U.S., India, Japan, China, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Learn about People to People's commitment to global citizenship and making a difference through service, as well as our 50-year legacy and industry-leading safety program.

Today’s students have plenty of educational travel options, but only People to People Student Ambassadors go behind the scenes to see the world in a whole new way. Our unique student trips are designed to deliver a lifetime of global awareness and readiness for success through exclusive and unique activities.

Since 1962, People to People Ambassador Programs has changed lives of more than 500,000 alumni. It’s not just a “tour”—Student Ambassadors personally interact with the people in the countries they visit. During their Student Ambassador experiences, our travelers can:

  • Learn about Eisenhower and D-Day from a French survivor
    on the beaches of Normandy

  • Give back to local children during an orphanage visit in
    Costa Rica

  • Live the daily life of a Japanese local while staying in a traditional home in the Aomori prefecture

Dr. David Livermore, author of The Cultural Intelligence Difference,
says, “more and more it's a given that you have to demonstrate your ability to work with lots of different people. People to People is among the finest youth cultural intelligence programs we’ve ever observed around the world.”
People to People Ambassador Programs have been shown to increase students’ cultural intelligence (CQ)
as effectively as a whole semester abroad at an Ivy League school.
(Results from CQ assessment by The Cultural Intelligence Center.)

We also build these features into our programs to offer Student Ambassadors an edge in the competitive college admissions race:

  • High school credit for travel with the option of earning
    university credit—80% of our alumni are accepted into
    their first-choice college

  • Personal interview and recommendations that develop critical skills

  • Meaningful opportunities for cross-cultural interaction and service that make for compelling admissions essays

Five decades of international exchange have given People to People Student Ambassadors a worldwide reputation
as respectful, enthusiastic, and interested students—earning them special access to places normal tourists can’t go. Home stays, meetings with government officials, instruction from local artisans, attending local schools, and the list goes on and on …

We build community service into
each and every student program.
Our accredited travel-study school
even ensures that students take
home service-learning credit for their efforts. Best of all, these life-changing experiences help develop young people as global citizens—confident, capable, and compassionate.

Our Senior Director of Health and
Safety, Mike Bowers, believes People
to People Ambassador Programs remains at the forefront of safe student travel because of a smart use of technology, partnerships with world-
class experts, and open conversations with other travel organizations to help keep our students safe.