From one of the world’s greatest cities to one of its best-kept secrets, explore medieval castles, modern-day mining, and aquatic challenges.

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The Focus: England and Wales program breathes life into the history, people, and traditions of two of Europe's oldest inhabited countries. This 14-day program offers students the chance to explore:

  • Revisit four centuries of Roman rule in England with a centurion, who will lead you through the historic city of Chester and bring its Roman history back to life.
  • Train as a medieval knight at Warwick Castle. Here you will be placed at the center of the Middle Ages when you encounter the dark and gloomy dungeon, gruesome torture chamber, and cool armory, while enjoying after-hours access to the castle exclusive to People to People.
  • In Bath you’ll observe the Roman baths and learn how engineers in the Roman Empire were able to develop a sophisticated plumbing system to move water nearly 400 miles.
  • Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral and learn how it became a symbol of Britain’s resilience and defiance during World War II as it survived repeated bombing raids at the hands of Nazi Germany.
  • Take team-building to a whole new level on the water when you visit the United Kingdom Sailing Academy at Fishers Green, situated in the Lee Valley Regional Park, one of the water sports venues used during London's 2012 summer games. You’ll spend the day on this famous water, taking on challenges that will motivate you for years to come.
  • Make your hair stand on end sailing down the longest toboggan run in Wales. Spanning the length of more than eight football fields (820 yards), you will be carried nearly 300 yards from the base of a hill with panoramic views of Llandudno Bay in the backdrop. Once you’re disconnected from the cable car you will take control, and guide the toboggan’s speed all the way to the bottom.
  • Meet with a former member of Parliament and learn about the inner workings of the British government. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is only available for Student Ambassadors.
  • All the world is a stage when you visit the famed Brit School to take a theatrical workshop from students at this unique high school. And a really cool point: Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Ashley Madekwe all attended classes there.
  • Venture 300 feet underground with a real miner in Wales and see what life was like for thousands of men who worked in the coal mines that helped make Wales an industrial power in the late 19th century.

Focus: England & Wales

Grades: 9–12

Departing From: Los Angeles, New York JFK,
San Francisco

Traveling: Summer 2014

Dates: 14 days

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Days 1-4: London, England

Day 5: Greenwich, England

Day 6: Hertfordshire, England

Day 7: Warwick, England

Day 8: Llandudno, Wales

Day 9: Conwy, Wales

Day 10: Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Day 11: Cardiff, Wales

Day 12: Bath, England

Day 13: Oxford, England

Day 14: London, England


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Since 1962, People to People Ambassador Programs has changed the lives of more than 500,000 alumni. It's not just a "tour." Student Ambassadors personally interact with the people in the countries they visit. In England and Wales, students can:

  • Experience a school visit and a home stay with a British family.
  • Learn teambuilding and personal confidence on a water-sports challenge, guided by experts at the United Kingdom Sailing Academy.
  • Meet a former member of Parliament for an insider’s view into British government.

Dr. David Livermore, author of The Cultural Intelligence Difference, says, "more and more it’s a given that you have to demonstrate your ability to work with lots of different people. Our country is changing, and without this capability, young people are going to lose out on important opportunities."

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