People to People Citizen Ambassador Programs - Get ready to journey to Cuba

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Thanks to a special license issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, People to People Ambassador Programs is able to offer exclusive trips to Cuba as Citizen Ambassadors.

Citizen Ambassador trips are the perfect mix of professional development, cultural exchange, and the experience of a lifetime. Our trips to Cuba offer a unique opportunity to extend professional and cultural understanding in a country whose borders are typically closed to American travelers.

Specifics of travel to Cuba:
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People to People Ambassador Programs offers Citizen Ambassador trips with the following professional areas of focus:

Each program is led by a top professional in your industry. We are currently offering the following specific departures:

Physics Education
Delegation leader: Celia Chung Chow, Ph.D.
Dates: January 16-24, 2015
Medicine/Medical Laboratory Science
Delegation leader: Catherine Otto, Ph.D., MBA, MLS(ASCP)
Dates: January 9–17, 2015
Family and Community Medicine
Delegation leader: Warren Heffron, M.D.
Dates: February 13–21, 2015
There are currently no Science delegations available.
Social Work
Delegation leader: Gary Bailey, DH.L. (h.c), MSW, ACSW
Dates: January 9–17, 2015
Delegation leader: Laura R. Graham, Ph.D.
Dates: January 16–24, 2015
Public Administration
Delegation leader: Stephen E. Condrey, PhD, IPMA-CP
Dates: April 24-May 2, 2015
Jewish Studies
Delegation leader: TBD
Dates: March 13–22, 2015
There are currently no Science delegations available.
Introduction to Cuba
Delegation leader: Merna Gill
Dates: February 20-28, 2015

Under license (CT-2013-305247-1) by the U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control, you can legally travel to Cuba with Ambassador Programs, Inc. (People to People Ambassador Programs) if adhering to the guidelines outlined on the delegation's website.